Preparation and Cooking

 Grass fed beef generally has somewhat less fat but more flavor than commercial beef.  We were invited to give a talk on raising grass fed beef at the Culinary Institute of America several years ago.  The event included a taste test using our beef and some beef from the local super market both prepared in identical fashion by the students.  The talk was very well received by a group of over 100 students and instructors; by a show of hands an overwhelming majority of the participants preferred our beef to the store bought product.

Before preparation, the meat should be defrosted by placing it in the refrigerator overnight. Because of the lower fat content proper cooking, specifically using the right cooking method and not overcooking is essential. Improper cooking can easily toughen the meat and destroy its eating quality.  With roasts this means either a moist or a super slow cooking method.  We highly recommend The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook by Shannon Hayes as a solid guide to preparing grass fed meats.  Her website Grass Fed Cooking, is also a treasure trove of information on preparing grass fed meats.  A good meat thermometer is also  indispensable. If you want the Cadilac version (Mercedes?) try this one at

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