• We still have a limited supply of sides and split sides that will be available in early January 2019.  To order or to be placed on our mailing list for next year email us at movablebeastfarm@gmail.com.
      • Our beef is sold by the side (half animal) or split side (quarter animal).    Often a group of friends with limited freezer storage will purchase a side or split side to divide amongst themselves. This saves them money and divvying up the cuts becomes a social event (some of our customers have said it’s  almost as good as Christmas morning).
    •   Our prices  are based on  pounds of hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after slaughter and dressing but before it has been cut. ( see also our blog entry on buying beef in bulk for more details on hanging weight versus boxed weight) The  hanging weight of our animals can range from under 500 lbs.  to over 600 lbs.; assuming a hanging weight of 550 lbs the prices for animals processed in 2015 including processing costs would average as follows:
           Total Price Side                        5.50/lb        $1512.50
      Split side (1/4)     5.80/lb       $ 797.50

Please note that these prices are for a 550 lb animal.  Your price will be based on the actual weight of the animal your beef comes from.

    • .  What you actually receive, the take home or boxed weight, is usually around 60% of hanging weight. This percentage varies depending on the individual animal and how it is butchered.  At a typical boxed weight of  60% of hanging weight, you would in effect be paying $9.17 per pound if you are buying a side or $9.67 if you are buying a split side.
    • What do I get?   You will receive a variety of cuts, steaks to ground beef, from each section of the animal. Based on our standard cutting instructions around 20% will be in steaks, 45 to 50% will be ground beef, and the balance will be roasts, stew beef and other miscellaneous cuts. Yields of course will vary depending on the individual animal and how it is cut.  For no additional charge you will also receive the bones for making broth (or for your dog)  and some of the organ meats from the animal.
    • How much storage space will I need? Your beef will come in “supermarket” sized portions, labeled, and frozen.  A side of beef will take up approximately 7.5 cubic feet of freezer space; a split side 3 to 4 cubic feet.  An eighth, which takes  2 cubic feet or less, should fit  into a standard refrigerator freezer and leave a little room for the ice cream.
    • Can I get a smaller quantity?    Other than ground  all of our beef will be sold in bulk during the 2015 season.
    • How do I order?  Either give us a call, (845) 626-2790 or (845) 532-8249 or e-mail us at movablebeastfarm@gmail.com.